Cock Pit barbeque

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we're revolutionizing the way columbia does bbq!!!

Cock Pit Barbeque is a Columbia, SC based BBQ and Southern-style restaurant. The Cock Pit smoker rests in the shadows of Williams-Brice Stadium. Our barbeque puts the other game to shame, and is revolutionizing the way Carolina does barbeque!

Cock Pit Barbeque satisfies the culinary cravings of barbeques hungriest devotees- our food has been stunning crowds and making mouths water in these parts for years. It’s the perfect addition to any tailgating or pregame party, and our catering is guaranteed to make any event a roaring success (we’ve been referred to as “the main event” on more than one occasion!) We can’t wait to give you a taste of the best BBQ around and know you’ll be hooked. So come on by (hungry), grab a seat, and get ready for the finest flavors and fare in Gamecock Country!


Tuesday - Friday: 11am-9pm
Saturday: 11am-5pm
Sunday & Monday: Closed
Holidays: Closed Christmas Eve through January 2nd, Easter


WELCOME TO Cock Pit Barbeque!!!